Wednesday, October 9, 2013

the Language heritage of the An'T people.:

Ka =l-<&> completed Male versiom
Ki completed Female version
Ki -earth - mother nature, key . 

just as En-<An> Ki= 
An= means Heaven- He v An =

Monday, April 25, 2011

Kalki - The tenth Incarnet of Lord Vishnu

Pakal is Kalki better know as Pakalki enter 2012

Pakal Myan Krissna becomes Kalki better know as Pakalki new Mayan hindu Revelation.
The Mayan language similar to hindu sanskript dirive from an ancient civilization,,
Avatar becoming incarnations till all demons are vanquished by these incarnations ;,tha avatars are the only ones with the instructions
the anti avatars are human imitations till the last Avatar that can't be duplicated this will end the reign 

of the dark ages ( kali yuga  the Age of burden) let's free the prisoners of time .enprison the violaters of matter '